New Solutions to Opioids
Many routes, one mission: Non-opioid pain treatment.

Currently, the Allen Research Endowment is focused on the following conditions and diseases:

Pain Management Opioid-related deaths are an epidemic in the U.S., yet pharmaceutical companies and doctors continue to prescribe Opioids for pain treatment.
We believe Opioid-related addictions cause chronic inflammation of the body’s immune system, which may lead to contracting Complex diseases and death. Therefore, we prioritize medical technologies that can reset the body’s immune system and/or cure Complex diseases.
autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases

Chronic inflammation of the human immune system is the cause of over 50 diseases including Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and HIV/AIDs.

We believe Opioid-related

Superbug Infections

Drug resistant fungal infections.

This is an emergency threat today and the next worldwide epidemic not only to humans, but also foodsupply and development.


Superbug Infections
Advanced Cancers

Advanced Cancers

Cutaneous metastasis occurs
when cancer cells spread to the
skin, such as with breast cancer.

Stage 4 cutaneous breast cancer
is the 2nd leading cause of
cancer deaths.

Recent Developments

Allen Family of Allen Research Foundation Donates Oxygen Generators for Greenwich Hospital 

Through their relationship with the Greenwich United Way, Greenwich residents Michelle and Laurence Allen have donated two oxygen generators to the Greenwich Hospital for use in surge areas where liquid oxygen is not available. 

Because of their portability, they can also be sent home with patients who otherwise would not have access to oxygen. The oxygen generators (also known as concentrators) provide 30- 93% oxygen purity, enabling the treatment of COVID-19 patients with milder symptoms, freeing up increasingly limited ICU space for patients requiring critical care. (Greenwich Sentinel, 2020)

Full Article Here:

Greenwich Sentinel: 04/16/2020 Allen Family Donates Oxygen Generators for Greenwich Hospital 


Allen Endowment Research Awards are for outstanding achievement in journalism including newspaper, magazine, TV and social media worldwide.

Currently, the Award focuses on outstanding journalism in connection with the opioid epidemic, addiction and pain management.

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of an Allen Endowment Research Award for Outstanding Journalism:

1. CBS News: Aimee Picchi
2. National Institute of Mental Health: Joshua Gordon, Nora Volkow
3. National Institutes of Health & Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:  EE McGinty, EM Stone, A Kennedy-Hendricks, CL Barry
4. U.S. News: Katelyn Newman
5. ABC News & Associated Press: Cara Anna, Claire Galofaro
6. Fox News: Matthew Barnett
7. NY Times: Shreeya Sinha, Zach Liberman, Leslye Davis, Jennifer Harlan, Rumsey Taylor

Advisory Board

Jerome D. Jabbour, ESQ


Matinas BioPharma Holdings, Inc


Laurence G. Allen


Allen Research Endowment


Richard C. Roth III


Roth Equities, LLC


Edward H. Morgan Jr


The Bowery Mission Foundation

Recovery from addiction is a journey. There’s no one-and-done solution.
The atmosphere inside the Allen House is easygoing as residents circulate freely through the hallways, meet in group sessions, or gather on a large outdoor patio that features a dirt volleyball court with an oversize net.
California confronts the threat of ‘tranq’ as overdose crisis rages
When the city's medical examiner announced in February that four people who had recently died of overdoses had the animal sedative xylazine in their systems, public health workers across the state sprang into action.
Understanding factors associated with long-term opioid use in fibromyalgia patients
Fibromyalgia is common, affecting around 2% of people in the general population. The 2017 EULAR recommendations state that tramadol - a weak opioid - may be considered for pain management in fibromyalgia, but advise against use of strong opioids due to lack of evidence of efficacy, and the high risk of side effects and addiction.
Medical Pipeline

Note: Includes investments by affiliates of Allen Research Endowment.

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    Leading U.S. Hospitals for Pain Management

    University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago,IL

    Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

    Washington University Hospital, St. Louis, MO

    St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

    USC University Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

    Vanderbilt University Medical, Nashville, TN

    Wake Forest University Baptist, Winston-Salem, NC