Tips for Managing the Coronavirus

At Allen Research Endowment, caring for our colleagues and communities is our top priority. In that spirit, we wish to share some practical and cost effective tips on how to manage the coronavirus in the office and home.

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Allen Endowment Research Awards are for outstanding achievement in journalism including newspaper, magazine, TV and social media worldwide. Currently, the Award focuses on outstanding journalism in connection with the opioid epidemic, addiction and pain management.

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of an Allen Endowment Research Award for Outstanding Journalism:
1. CBS News: Aimee Picchi
Purdue Paid Out $10.4 billion to Sackler Famly as Opioid Crisis Grew 

CBS News has produced several outstanding articles regarding the opioid epidemic. This story highlights how the Sackler family received more than $10 billion while Purdue’s OxyContin was directly causing countless addictions and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

2. National Institute of Mental Health: Joshua Gordon, Nora Volkow
Suicide Deaths Are a Major Component of the Opioid Crisis that Must Be Addressed

This article highlights studies that indicate up to 30% to 39% of opioid overdose deaths may be suicides, defined as the patient wanted to die or did not care if they died (despite not leaving a suicide note).

3. National Institutes of Health & Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:  EE McGinty, EM Stone, A Kennedy-Hendricks, CL Barry
Stigmatizing Language in News Media Coverage of the Opioid Epidemic: Implications for Public Health 

This important article highlights how the public stigma toward people that use illicit drugs reduces the willingness of those people to seek addiction treatment. Studies show that use of terms such as “addict” and “substance abuser”, exacerbate the stigma and impede advancement of public health solutions to the opioid epidemic.

4. U.S. News: Katelyn Newman
How Hospitals are Battling the Opioid Epidemic

We believe it has been well known by families with members suffering from opioid addiction, that U.S. hospital’s addiction treatment programs – have not been effective. This article discusses how some hospitals are reconstructing their addiction treatment programs and finally making progress.

5. ABC News & Associated Press: Cara Anna, Claire Galofaro
Rwanda Avoids U.S.-style Opioid Crisis by Making Own Morphine

This ABC News story discusses a controversial idea – how countries like Rwanda are providing low cost, generic morphine to treat citizens with chronic pain issues.

6. Fox News: Matthew Barnett
Opioid Epidemic is Destroying Us – Here’s a Way Forward

This Fox News story discusses how a Los Angeles’ college graduate with a bright future, Beau Magale, became addicted to opioids. The article suggests that an addict needs an internal to external transformation, that will transform one’s mindset, decision-making and behavior.

7. NY Times: Shreeya Sinha, Zach Liberman, Leslye Davis, Jennifer Harlan, Rumsey Taylor
Heroin Addiction Explained: How Opioids Hijack the Brain

This NY Times article shows how opioids impact the brain and analyzes temptation, tolerance, relapse and recovery.