J. Bradley Allen

Bradley at work in 2013 as an investment banking summer intern in New York, age 19.

Bradley believed in taking action and enjoyed challenges.

Some illustrations:

1. The day after Hurricane Sandy in almost total darkness due to power outages, Bradley (with his father) visited the Bowery Mission in downtown Manhattan to donate food and help serve dinners to the homeless.

2. In 2009, at age 15, Bradley passed on attending summer camp and instead joined a 10 day mission trip to serve food at various homeless shelters, organize donations of shoes to be shipped to those in need worldwide, help local persons with AIDs (and slept in various churches) in Memphis, Tennessee with the 2nd Congregational Church.

3. Annually, Bradley enthusiastically participated in family decisions regarding charitable gift allocations. One of his favorite areas of interest was purchasing artwork to help support living artists.